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The focus group or also called discussion group, is a technique used to collect opinions on a certain topic, and is widely used in market studies.

This methodology has become a fundamental element when carrying out market studies. It is used to find out opinions about a certain group previously selected to comment on a product, service, brand, advertising campaign, among other actions.

So what is a focus group? It is a representative group, and the aim is to test and use those opinions to improve processes, products, modify advertising messages, among other attacks.

Steps to create a focus group

These are the most important steps that must be carried out:

  • The first thing is to define the objectives, and the claims that you want to achieve when creating a group of this type. If what is needed is a test on a brand, the use of a product, or the opinion of an advertising campaign, for example.
  • Once the objectives are clear, it is important to prepare the information and the questions that are going to be posed to the group. You have to ask questions that have to do with the proposed objectives.
  • You have to establish the time that the group session will last. This methodology usually lasts between one and three hours normally.
  • Once these steps have been carried out, it is time to select the attendees who will participate in that session. Normally it is usually done in person, although there have also been cases of sessions that have been carried out over the internet, which although it has greater flexibility in that users can participate from anywhere, the realization is more complex.
  • You have to find a comfortable, spacious place that allows the whole group to be focused on the practice. A meeting room, a spacious office, can be examples of perfect places to carry out this session.
  • Participants must be previously informed of everything, so it will be good to send them prior information. It would not be out of place to add a summary brochure with all the necessary information so that you are up to date with everything.
  • A moderator is needed to coordinate the entire process, and participate with the group to ensure that everyone participates, that there are no uncontrolled attitudes, and that everything is done normally.
  • It is essential to record the conversation, through a recorder, and also a video camera to later assess all the details. This will help analyze gestures, opinions, and data from the group session.
  • After the end of this practice, it will be time to analyze the data and assess what has happened among the participants. It is time to sit down and take into account the participations of the attendees and the value they have brought.
  • After studying these data, changes, plans or strategies can be carried out according to the needs that are required, taking into account the opinions expressed by this representative segment of the brand's public.

A company can obtain many advantages from carrying out this type of initiative, which is why more and more companies give it more importance.

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