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The administrative manager is a type of professional who is responsible for representing natural and legal persons before the different bodies of the Public Administration. This, in relation to different procedures and other kinds of requirements.

Therefore, we are talking about a type of professional who acts as a link between civil society (or the employer) and the Administration. Thus, it is not only in charge of carrying out paperwork, but also provides advice on matters related to obligations with state institutions. Obligations such as the presentation of accounting and tax requirements.

This type of professional is in charge, for example, of managing the deed of a commercial company, or of presenting the income statement of its client.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition, this type is empowered to carry out all the procedures before the Public Administration. This, provided that the application of legal techniques reserved for lawyers is not required.

The advantage of hiring a manager of this type is the saving of time in tasks that can be delegated to a specialized third party. Thus, the company, for example, can focus on the main activities of the business and not on bureaucratic issues.

Likewise, the hiring of an administrative manager implies greater security, by guaranteeing that the procedures and obligations with public entities are carried out with diligence. This is, complying with the law and avoiding having to incur the payment of fines or other additional costs.

In addition, when hiring an administrative manager, you can make all the pertinent queries to resolve doubts on the different issues related to Public Administration.

How to be an Administrative Manager?

When referring to a collegiate administrative manager, and given that there is an official professional association that represents them, we must refer to them with the use of capital letters: "Administrative Manager".

Therefore, in Spain, after passing the corresponding aptitude tests or the University Master's Degree in Administrative Management recognized by the General Council of Associations of Administrative Managers of Spain, the official title of Administrative Manager can be requested. In the same way, you can join your corresponding professional association.

In other countries, a case similar to the Spanish example may occur, or require a graduate degree in Law, Business Administration and Management (ADE) or Economics. Also, former social graduates, graduates in Economic Sciences, as well as other legal or commercial qualifications.

Administrative manager functions

The functions of the administrative manager are mainly the following:

  • Provide guidance on accounting, labor and tax matters.
  • Carry out procedures on behalf of the client, such as the deed of a company, or its registration in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Carry out procedures before the different organisms of the Public Administration. Such as notaries, the Mercantile Registry, the Property Registry, among others.

Profile of an administrative manager

An administrative manager must have knowledge of economics, law, political science, business administration, or the like.

Likewise, an official qualification is usually required to enable them to perform the functions described throughout the article. For example, in the case of Spain, they are required to be collegiate.

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