Processing hardware


The processing hardware is the one that is in charge of executing the instructions given from the device's own software.

In other words, the mission of the processing hardware is to carry out the orders that are given by the user of the device via software. These types of physical units are key to the operation of a device, since they are considered the brain of the device.

From a technical point of view, the processing hardware is usually the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which translated into Spanish would be the ‘Central Processing Unit’. Therefore, the CPU is nothing more than the physical unit of the device that processes each movement that is made. There are also other types of processing hardware, such as the dedicated cards themselves, whether they be sound, graphics, etc.

Processing hardware features

Since the processing units are essential for the correct operation of any device, be it smartphone, television, PC, console and the like, the functions that it carries out are also:

  • Execution of all user instructions.
  • Management and monitoring of programs or tasks in the background.
  • Interconnect the different parts of the hardware.

In short, the processing hardware is responsible for executing, managing and interconnecting the tasks and requests that are carried out.

Types of processing hardware

In order to analyze the different types of processing hardware, the classes that occur most frequently will be exposed:

  • Microprocessor.
  • Internal / external graphics card.
  • Sound card.
  • Network card.

Each of the cards processes data from its field, being a specific component with a series of very defined tasks. On the other hand, the microprocessor is the central axis of all the components, serving as a processing bridge between all the physical parts, including the cards themselves.

Processing hardware examples

Depending on the device, the processing unit (in this case we will analyze the central ones) will have a different architecture (generation and together with physical or virtual unit), power (GHz) and quality of components (brand used). Here are some examples that we can find:

  • Intel Core: This is the line of processors from Intel, which covers i3, i5, i7, i9, etc.
  • Nvidia Geforce: It is the line of graphics cards of the brand Nvidia.
  • Focusrite Scarlett: It is one of the best companies dedicated to external sound cards of the moment according to its users, the majority of whom are professionals in the sector.
  • ASUS PCE-AC56: This is the product line of ASUS regarding network cards. In this sense, the company is a leader in the sector.

In short, depending on the device, we will find a hardware of one quality or another. That is, it is useless to have a phone with a hardware limited but with the best processor on the market.

It would be the same as having a soccer team in which you have the best striker in the world, but the rest of the players are seniors. Then, for a device to deserve to carry one processor or another, the rest of the components must be consistent.

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