Smart home


A smart home is one that has different technological systems that allow to control, establish and manage aspects such as the security and efficiency of the house.

In simple terms, a smart home aims to automate tasks, improve the efficiency of the home and control different aspects that offer greater security to the family.

When a system of these characteristics is included in a home, the aim is to automate these tasks, which in principle correspond to the human being to carry out.

New technologies and the use of the Internet have meant a great social revolution for humanity.

New systems have been developed that have made it possible to offer greater automation of tasks previously carried out by human beings and thus improve their quality of life and comfort.

There are a large number of options that can be controlled through the mobile device or the computer. In addition, you can use your voice to give specific orders about what you want to control in the house, establish the execution through remote control or schedule the procedures before leaving.

What kind of technology is used in a smart home?

These are the two main options:

  • Telemetry: This system uses the computer to establish the required actions. Through a specific software, the homeowner can see the house and establish the procedures that he wants and that he has previously stipulated in his smart home.
  • Home automation: The action plan is the same in terms of house management. What differentiates home automation from telemetry is that in the former, the mobile device is used to carry out all the relevant actions.

What functions can be carried out in a smart home?

There are multiple tasks that can be managed. The most prominent are the following:

  • Manage alarm control and instant home viewing. This facilitates the surveillance of the house at all times.
  • Turn the heating or air conditioning on and off. Programming these actions allows you to have greater control and anticipate their execution when you want to use them. For example, if in summer the user wants to put the air conditioning on before arriving to acclimatize the house, he can do so thanks to this system.
  • The option of raising and lowering blinds is also viable when we talk about a smart home.
  • There is the possibility to control the operation of certain electrical appliances. For example, turn off the television.
  • One of the most common options that are included in a smart home is the use of the activation and deactivation of the lights in the house.
  • Opening the house without having to use the keys is another of the functions that can be carried out in a smart home.
  • Motion sensors can also be put into practice in this type of system, in addition to irrigation systems if you have a garden.

There are many tasks that can be automated thanks to the provision of a smart home. All this aimed at achieving greater well-being and comfort at home.

In addition, although it is true that in the beginning the rates of these systems were accessible to only a few privileged people, they are already within the reach of almost all households.

It is important to have a good Internet connection to be able to activate and manage the system without any incident.

Smart home example

Including this system in a home is something that will generate great comfort and efficiency for the family. A multitude of tasks can be controlled. For example, raising and lowering the blinds, automatically setting the irrigation system or controlling the operation of appliances.

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