Theft is the appropriation of someone else's property without consent, but without having to resort to the use of force or the threat of violence.

In other words, theft is a crime that consists of improperly taking over the assets of another person (natural or legal). Thus, it is characterized by not perpetuating an act of aggression or intimidation towards the owner or custodian of the property.

It is important to define what the theft consists of, particularly in insurance contracts because the estimated compensation depends on it (We will explain this later).

Difference between theft and robbery

Unlike theft, robbery does involve the use of force. In this case, the damage is received by a material good, for example, a door or window.

Likewise, theft is different from robbery where violence is exerted or another person is directly threatened.

Importance of theft in insurance

In the insurance market it is important to determine if we are facing a robbery, robbery or theft. If it is the latter case, it is possible that the company is willing to pay less compensation, compared to the other two.

This can be explained because, when a theft occurs, it is more difficult to prove that the theft of the property was against the will of its owner. This, unless the act has been recorded by a security camera.

On the other hand, when a robbery or robbery occurs, there are usually obvious traces of aggression (robbery) or forced doors, broken glass (robbery), either on the person or property on which the violence was exercised (unless the assault has consisted of only one threat).

Theft example

An example of theft can be when an individual enters a grocery store and removes some items from the place without anyone noticing.

In this case, since violence was not used, the act qualifies as theft. On the other hand, if the thief had pointed a gun at the security personnel, it would be robbery.

Likewise, if the thief had broken into the premises during the early morning by breaking the door, we would be facing a robbery.

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