Iberclear is the commercial name of the company (belonging to the holding of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles) that is in charge of the settlement and clearing of Spanish securities. These securities include those admitted to trading on the Spanish stock exchanges, fixed income market securities (AIAF), those of the Latin American market denominated in euros and public debt market securities in annotations.

Iberclear was born in April 2003 with the unification of 2 platforms. The Central Bank of Debt Annotations platform of the Bank of Spain (fixed income) and the Securities Clearing and Settlement Service platform (variable income). In addition to being in charge of clearing and settlement, it also registers (by means of book entries) and deposits the securities of the different Spanish markets.

As it is a system of book entries, it represents a great advance for the different Spanish financial markets, since it represents a great advance. In addition to an advance, it represents a simplification in the settlement system, among other things, because in the past it differed between registered shares and bearer shares.

Iberclear's main functions

Iberclear has a large number of functions related to the stock market. Its main functions are as follows:

  • Keep the record of the values ​​by means of annotations in account that are noted by means of a unique coding (depending on the type of operation) of 15 digits.
  • It is in charge of managing the settlement and, where appropriate, the compensation of securities and / or cash derived from ordinary operations. The settlement of the securities will take place within three business days from the contracting date.
  • It also keeps the accounting records of some securities that have not been admitted to trading on official secondary markets, regulated markets or multilateral clearing systems.
  • Provision of technical and operational services directly related to the registration and settlement of securities.
  • Any other functions and / or services entrusted to it by the Spanish government, following a report from the National Securities Market Commission and, where appropriate, from the Bank of Spain.

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