Gender equality


Gender equality is the real impartiality in the rights and obligations between men and women, girls and boys.

In other words, gender equality is the equitable treatment between men and women. For example, that both genders can have free participation in the politics of their country, access to the same job opportunities, the possession of goods, etc.

The recognition of rights and obligations between men and women has changed throughout history. Legally at the beginning of the 20th century, women began to participate in political life.

It is because of the above that gender equality is an issue that has been on the agenda of international organizations for decades. This is due to the implications it has for the quality of life of each member of society, regardless of their sex or sexual preference.

Gender equality indicators

The way in which it is possible to find key signs of the existence of gender equality are:

  • Existence of political participation.
  • Access to education.
  • Opportunities to access work.
  • Equal wages for the same work performed.
  • Recognition before the law.
  • Lack of verbal or physical violence.
  • Access to health.
  • Possibility of free mobility and movement to different regions of the world.
  • Equality of land tenure or possession of material goods.

Economic repercussions of gender inequality

The impact of women's economic empowerment provides benefits beyond the social context, here are some key points.

  • Gender inequality increases the vulnerability of households due to a financial issue, due to a lower rate of economic participation of women.
  • Given the existence of a gap between the income of men and women, it affects consumption and this, in turn, limits the increase in production.
  • Decrease in social development.
  • Lack of education for women and girls limits economic growth.

Elements to avoid gender inequality

Companies, households and the public sector can avoid disproportionalities between men and women, here are some of the decisions that can be taken to achieve this:


  • Facilitate the possibility of men and women regarding the development of skills and training for work.


  • Promote and disseminate the rights of people to enforce them, through citizen activism.
  • In the event of any inequity, go to organizations and associations whose mission is to support gender impartiality.
  • Promote respectful relationships.
  • Cultivate values ​​of tolerance and respect in homes. For example, make use of phrases like «In this family, men have the same rights to get a job as women«, "Access to university is just as important for a son as it is for a daughter«. It is necessary to bear in mind that values ​​and attitudes affect society.


  • Support for initiatives that allow girls and boys access to education.

Finally, it should be noted that gender equality does not discriminate. And, therefore, it puts women and men on the same level, but does not try to privilege either gender.

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