Real tax


The real tax is a type of tribute that is not related to the personal circumstances of the taxpayer, but arises from an objective fact.

This type of tax can be defined by the laws in an abstract way without taking into account any person and that all of them are subsequently obliged regardless of their personal circumstances.

The person is not the important thing, what is relevant is that the person performs an act that is going to be taxed with a tribute, the fundamental thing is to carry out this act, giving the same family conditions or age.

An example is the value added tax, the important thing is to buy the product, this act will be taxed regardless of the person.

Therefore, they are completely different from personal taxes, which are necessarily dependent on the personal circumstances of the taxpayer.

Examples of actual taxes

Putting examples to understand this difference well:

There is another tax differentiation, which divides between objective taxes and subjective taxes.

It seems to be understood that objective taxes that are not set in personal or family conditions of the obliged subject are identified with real taxes, and that subjective taxes that take into account personal conditions are identified with personal taxes.

But this is not entirely so, since not all subjective taxes are personal taxes, an example is the inheritance tax, they are types of objective taxes that take into account some personal circumstance.

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