Information is the set of data that make up a message that a sender issues and that is intended to reach the receiver so that he or she is informed. It is always carried out through a channel that is the one that both parties have chosen.

Information has evolved and transformed throughout humanity. If before it was transmitted through writings, communications, and few had access to it, such as the libraries of the monasteries of the Middle Ages, all this has been changing, especially with the introduction of new technologies and the internet.

The information society arises from the work published by the Japanese Yoneji Masuda in 1968, where he referred to this term and the ability to inform and transmit a message that was known to the public.

Information technologies are essential in any type of activity since at a social, economic, cultural, or labor level, being informed and communicating means being up-to-date on concepts and important news.

Information is power, it is a phrase that sums up the importance of being well informed. When someone is, they can have a lower degree of uncertainty, give their opinion knowing a basis, a context, related opinions and obtain knowledge about a fact or circumstance knowing the different points of view that exist. All of this provides critical knowledge and an ability to discuss outstanding themes and theories.

Information characteristics

These are the main ones:

  • Veracity: The data included in an informative message must be real and truthful. Having, in this way, offer effective information for the user.
  • Verified data: It is important to create messages with data that has been previously verified and verified. That is, you have to check them.
  • Highlight what is important: Unbmessage must always answer a series of essential questions to understand it: who? How? Where? When? Why? Therefore, you have to answer these questions, and highlight the most important.
  • Give shape to the message: You have to know if it is promotional, informative or other information. Therefore, you have to work the tone of the message that is going to be given.
  • It must be available to people: If someone wants to consult it, or be informed, the important thing is that the information they are looking for is accessible. With the internet, where there is a multitude of news, and media that cover daily information, this is much easier.
  • It must be up-to-date: If a news item appears, and data comes out as time goes by, it must be included so that the knowledge provided includes the latest news in this regard.

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