Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX)


The Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) is a Spanish public body in charge of promoting Spanish companies internationally, improving their competitiveness and attracting foreign investment to Spain.

This public entity was created in 1982 and since then it has been in charge of promoting the competitiveness of Spanish companies abroad and promoting Spain in the field of international business. It not only seeks to promote companies, it also has the function of improving the perception of the Spain brand abroad.

Organization and operation

ICEX has 31 territorial and provincial trade offices in Spain and 100 economic and commercial offices abroad.

On the other hand, ICEX collaborates openly with companies, chambers of commerce and regional organizations to achieve a greater internationalization of Spain and its products. Among the activities carried out are advising companies seeking business opportunities in international markets, promotional activities and the development of internationalization plans.

Main objectives of the Institute of Foreign Trade

The main objectives of ICEX are:

  1. Improve the international projection of Spanish companies, in particular, the vision of SMEs.
  2. To attract foreign investment for Spain.

Services offered to companies

The services that ICEX offers to companies are:

  • Advice on strategies for those companies that want to start exporting. To this end, ICEX will provide assistance in the preparation of a strategic plan.
  • Online tools for customs and export procedures and documentation.
  • Help to promote companies abroad: International fairs, trade missions and promotional and advertising campaigns.
  • It is responsible for promoting the participation of Spanish companies in the awarding of international contracts.
  • It puts Spanish companies in contact with large chains and distribution groups in both Europe and the United States.
  • Organization of business cooperation forums and meetings.
  • Advice and training for companies on investments, costs and internationalization.

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