A boss is an individual responsible for the direction of a certain project, in charge of the achievement of certain objectives and of the organization of a team for the same.

In the usual professional teams in economic and organizational fields, the figure of the boss exists by formal authority.

The same occurs in other realities, such as the military, ecclesiastical or political for example, where other figures or similar ranks appear. That is, in almost every type of organization a hierarchically superior figure is necessary.

That is, every company has an organization chart of workers, which clarifies and defines the tasks and responsibilities of each employee. This formal classification places managers as team leaders responsible for a series of tasks and achievements.

The boss often has a position of responsibility that goes beyond the activity carried out by the company in which he is located. It must respond to administrative, productive, strategic or team-building needs.

Characteristics of a boss

Every boss has a series of characteristics that define him as such within an organization chart:

  • He is responsible for a work team under his command. At the same time, you have professional goals or incentives for the achievement of business objectives, as well as the responsibility to achieve them.
  • You must coordinate the skills of the individuals that make up your staff, while assigning the tasks to be developed in an organized manner.
  • By occupying a high or supervisory position, you also have the ability to detect failures in the design of the equipment and the tasks, having the possibility to undertake changes in the service.
  • Faced with unexpected situations or crisis, often a professional who occupies the managerial position to respond as the head of the organization.

Following the above, it could be defined that the objective to be achieved mainly by a boss is to satisfy two key needs for his company: direction and supervision.

The objective of the correct performance of their work will therefore be the achievement of a greater benefit for the company.

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