A memorandum is a document in which indications or information is given on a certain subject in a direct and concise way. This, in the framework, for example, of a business organization.

In other words, a memorandum allows the members of a department, or the entire organization, to be informed about a specific matter, for example, an event that is going to take place in the next few days or a management decision. It is an instrument of internal organizational communication.

We must bear in mind that a memorandum is a formal document, so the language used in its writing must also be formal.

The word memo comes from the Latin verb memorare, which means to remember.

Another characteristic of this type of document is that it is usually numbered. Thus, you receive a certain code.

In addition, the memorandum is usually a type of one-way communication. That is, a fact is reported, but a response is not expected, as is the case with a letter, for example.

It is also worth mentioning that we are talking about a type of document used in the diplomatic field, where some highly important fact is communicated. Likewise, a memorandum is called a notebook where a person writes down what they consider to be remembered in the not distant future.

Elements and parts of a memo

The elements of a memorandum are as follows:

  • Place and date of the issue.
  • Name (and job title, if applicable) of the recipient or of the department or area to which the communication is directed.
  • Subject or topic.
  • Text body.
  • Sender details.

It should be noted that in the header it is recommended to place the word memorandum so that the recipient (s) know what type of document they have received.

Example memo

México, D. F. December 14, 2020

Memorandum No. 5961

To: Editors of the Economics section.

Subject: Training course.

All the editors of the Economics section are hereby summoned to training on new digital marketing and SEO tools that will take place on December 16 in the Meeting Room between 03:00 and 04: 00 pm.

Attendance is compulsory. If the editor has an interview or conference scheduled, coordinate with the section editor to schedule their training at a later date.


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