Mission and vision of Coca Cola


Coca Cola's mission and vision constitutes one of the fundamental pillars that identify Coca Cola's reason for existence.

Above all, we must remember that the mission represents the reason why it exists, defines what the company is and what it does in the present moment.

While the vision determines where the company wants to go, it is oriented towards the future. In addition, it establishes the way in which it will achieve it.

1. Coca Cola's mission

Coca Cola's mission quoted verbatim is as follows:

"Refresh the world in mind, body and spirit, inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions, and create value and make a difference"

2. The vision of Coca Cola

On the other hand, the expression of Coca Cola's vision is oriented to different aspects to achieve sustainable and quality growth.

Among the most important elements that the company takes into account we have:

People: (People): To be a great place to work. In it, people are motivated to be the best. "

"Portfolio: (Portfolio): Give the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy the wants and needs of consumers."

“Partners: Feed a winning network of clients and suppliers; together we create mutual and lasting value. "

"Planet (Planet): Being a responsible citizen who makes a difference, helping to build and support sustainable communities."

"Profit: Maximize long-term profitability for shareholders, while being aware of all our responsibilities."

"Productivity: Being a highly effective organization that reacts quickly."

Elements that take into account the vision of Coca Cola

Analysis of the mission and vision of Coca Cola

When analyzing the mission and vision of the Coca Cola company, the most important elements that we are going to consider are the following:

1. It is inspiring and motivating

First of all, at a glance it can be seen that both the mission and vision of Coca Cola are very inspiring and motivating for all the people who have contact with the brand.

It shows a brand commitment to consumers, employees, partners, shareholders, and the community at large.

2. Communication and strategy

Second, the mission and vision is also decisive to understand the communication processes and the strategy used by the brand.

Of course, the vision and mission statements are used by the brand to be used in its communication messages. Also to achieve the successful positioning of the brand. One of the words that the brand uses the most is happiness.

3. Trust

Third, another element that is important is the trust you generate in your consumers and customers. Since consumers consider that the company strives to deliver products that efficiently satisfy their needs.

The Coca Cola company is very concerned with understanding the motivations of its consumers to improve and innovate. The improvement and innovation is applied to the products, their delivery processes, communication and promotional processes.

4. Quality

Fourth, it can be determined that people value the effort that the company puts in to ensure that both the products and its processes comply with strict quality controls.

For that reason, quality is a very important value for front-line workers, as well as for top executives. They all have the idea that everything can be done better.

5. Commitment to the environment

Additionally, Coca Cola strives to manage sustainability policies to prevent damage to the environment. To do this, it uses packaging that is more environmentally friendly and is committed to reducing waste and garbage. For this purpose, they use one hundred percent recyclable containers and returnable containers, managing to recover up to 75% of their containers.

Analysis of the vision and mission of Coca Cola

Finally, we are going to say that both the vision and the mission of the Coca Cola company clearly state the reason for the company's existence. In addition, it openly defines the business model that it follows and that has led it to position itself as the leading company in the world beverage market. Maintaining a social, economic and environmental commitment.

However, we must emphasize that there are also criticisms of the company and proposals for improvement regarding its management. However, the objective of this article was to describe Coca Cola's mission and vision from the point of view of what they are trying to convey.

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