Human needs


Human needs are those things that human beings need in order to live a full and healthy life. For example, health, food, protection and affection, among others.

The human being has a series of needs to be able to subsist and that have to be satisfied, especially if we talk about the primary needs.

Abraham Maslow established a pyramid in which he determined the primary, secondary and tertiary needs for the human being.

Maslow's pyramid

In it he pointed out all those things that were vital for his survival and also those that gave him recognition, security and affection.

For Max Neef, a Chilean economist, writer and politician, human needs are classified into two clearly differentiated options: needs related to being, being or doing, and those he calls subsistence. For example, affection, leisure or protection.

What are the most prominent human needs?

The most important types of human needs are the following:

  • Primary needs: Those that are essential for human beings to live. For example, sleeping, eating or breathing.
  • Secondary needs: Are those needs that aim to increase the well-being of a person. For example, having access to vaccines.
  • Tertiary needs: This type of needs are based on social recognition or belonging to certain groups or friends.
  • Individual needs: Are those that any individual has. Those of a primary nature and those of a cultural or social nature are distinguished.
  • Collective needs: Are those that share a group of people. For example, go by public transport.
  • Economic needs: In order to acquire things or articles that are used in daily life, it is necessary to develop an activity or job that generates income.
  • Social needs: These types of needs have to do with creating relationships of friendship, recognition between individuals, having a partner or friends.
  • Self-realization needs: Here we can review that they are all those that seek to bring out the best of the individual and enhance their strengths. Personal development is key to getting the best out of yourself.

Examples of human needs

Here are some prominent examples:

  • Respect yourself.
  • Connect with friends and establish new ties of friendship.
  • Have a partner or family.
  • Feed.
  • Develop balanced working relationships.
  • To breathe.
  • Rest every day.

These are some examples of human needs. We must distinguish between those of vital importance for human survival and the rest that improve their well-being in different areas.

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