Matrix organization chart


A matrix organization chart is one that allows structuring areas or functions of the company by projects

In other words, this way of organizing the company is grouping the appropriate personnel into specific tasks or activities. On the other hand, authority is diluted among all members of the group although, from a formal point of view, there is a project manager. It is shaped like a matrix, hence its name.

This system provides a series of advantages, such as increased productivity, synergies between members, flexibility, communication and efficient management of resources. But there are also drawbacks such as struggles for informal leadership, which does not usually correspond to the formal one.

How to make a matrix organization chart

As we have discussed in other types of organization charts such as circular, you have to know what we are looking for. In this case, the objective is the projects and who is going to take charge of them. We must not forget this detail.

  • In the first place, therefore, we must detail the projects and members of each team. This, regardless of whether it is teleworking or in a physical office.
  • Once the previous section is clear, you have to decide who will do what. This is an essential step for the work team. Normally, companies that opt ​​for this type of organization let the members decide their tasks. Even so, it is advisable to present it in an organization chart to avoid the inconveniences mentioned above.
  • Finally, as in other organization charts, we can use the applications that exist on the Internet. The Excel SmartArt add-in is also very useful, which is the one we used in the example.

Example of matrix organization chart

Let's imagine an engineering company that wants to create certain software. This type of activity requires teamwork for specific projects. This can be, as we have already mentioned, face-to-face or virtual. As can be seen, the figure is shaped like a matrix. There is the general management, the functional ones, the project managers and the team members.

Earlier we mentioned that in the matrix organization there is no defined authority, but there is usually a formal structure and there will be a project manager. However, this does not usually correspond to the informal one, in which leadership is blurred among all members, even if there are some who stand out.

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