Organization of a project


The organization of a project is that activity that allows to carry out a grouping of the human resources of the company in the most appropriate tasks. All this, in order to achieve a common goal.

The organization of a project, therefore, consists of organizing people, assigning them to certain projects according to their qualities.

Usually, it is the project manager who performs this task. In the same way, you must manage the necessary resources effectively and efficiently. In this way, management and organization are intimately linked.

The importance of organizing a project

In order to run a project efficiently, it must be properly organized. This, which seems simple, is a common problem in companies. If we do not know exactly what we want and how we will use the resources to obtain it, the organization will be a failure. Hence the importance of a good organization.

For the above reasons, the training of project managers needs to include this aspect. It is essential to teach how to organize them and then be able to direct them. One way to carry out a correct distribution of the different resources in each task is a good organization plan. In the next section we will see what it consists of.

The plan in organizing a project

The management plan focuses on all the activities carried out by the company, however, the organizational plan does so, above all, on the human factor. Because the main thing is to place each person in the most appropriate task. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, we must be clear about who we have: We must make an inventory of human resources, with their strengths and weaknesses. Because we need to know what each one is good at in order to assign them to the most suitable position.
  • On the other hand, you have to do the same with the tasks: The project must be broken down into its smallest parts. This requires the approval of the rest of the personnel involved. Once we have them, we can create a double entry table with both variables.
  • Third, each person must be assigned their task: For this we must know who is the most suitable for each activity. Here you have to take into account your academic background, your professional experience and, of course, your personal motivations at work. At this point you can use a chore assignment technique such as the Hungarian method.
  • Finally, it is necessary to establish some completion deadlines, some clearances for possible delays and an adequate form of control: Thus, once each task is carried out, it can be observed if there were deviations from what was planned. As we will see below, an organization chart is essential in this step.

The organization chart in the organization of a project

What is an organization chart? An organization chart is a graph that allows you to observe the structure of a company and know who is who. The project manager must have a deep understanding of the existing employees, his purpose being to be able to organize, as well as to do it properly, the tasks and those responsible for carrying them out.

In this sense, we have vertical, hierarchical or linear organization charts, when authority is clear and decision-making is centralized. On the other hand, we have horizontal or circular ones, in companies with a more blurred authority. Also, we have other types like the analytical, which allows to know processes, or the matrix, which is useful to structure the organization by processes or projects.

Example of organizing a project

Let's imagine that we want to carry out a project. The project is based on the creation and start-up of a company. For example, a consulting firm in computer engineering.

First of all, the director meets with the promoting partners of the project.

  • On the one hand, they prepare, together, the objectives to be achieved and the necessary tasks. All of this should be in writing and as detailed as possible.An interesting technique is the so-called "brainstorming", which consists of saying all the ideas that come to mind and then filtering them.
  • After this, you have to know who we have, apart from the promoter team. First, the tasks that they will perform and second, the employees that we will hire. You also have to know the type of contracts that we will propose and the remuneration to be received.
  • In the next step, it is time to distribute the tasks and that Hungarian method, mentioned above, can help. Computer services require a process, from design to programming, and the final result. Therefore, a useful tool is the PERT diagrams, which allow to find the critical paths of each process.
  • Finally, you have to draw up an organizational plan for a project. This consists of putting all of the above in writing. In addition, we will establish the way of control through feedback and how we will correct deviations. All this, without forgetting an adequate contingency plan for unforeseen events.

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