The register is the list of people who live in a country or locality. This registry includes the personal data of the members such as name, surname, address, identity document number, among others.

The padrón is then a list of individuals living in a specific nation or area. In this way, these data will be used when carrying out political events, such as elections. In the latter case, we will refer to the electoral roll.

It should be noted that there may be two types of electoral roll:

  • When voting is compulsory, it includes all those who meet the requirements to vote.
  • When voting is optional, the electoral roll is made up of the people who have registered to make use of their right to participate in the elections.

Enrollment is therefore of the utmost importance to prevent a person from voting more than once or usurping the place of another individual in the electoral process.

Another situation in which the register is very important is in censuses, where the information collected can be contrasted with that contained in the register.

It should be remembered that a census is carried out every so often, for example, every five years. So, it may be that a person has moved to another location in their city, but has not yet notified the authorities. Therefore, this change has not been registered in the electoral roll.

Register and technology

Thanks to technology, a person can review all the information related to the electoral process on the Internet. For example, where is your voting place, the polling station number, and even if you have been elected as a polling member (in countries where this work is by election by raising).

To make the inquiry online, the individual usually only has to enter his name and surname and the number of the identity document.

Municipal register in Spain

In Spain, the municipal register corresponds to the registry of all the people who live in a municipality. This, regardless of your nationality.

For registration, documents such as a residence card or foreign passport are requested, as well as other papers that prove that you live at the address you are indicating, such as proof of payment for basic services.

The registration is mandatory in Spain and allows to prove the time of permanence that the person has in the country.

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