Technical stop


The technical strike is a procedure under which a company modifies or temporarily suspends the labor relations previously established with its workers.

The technical strike is a procedure that allows a company to take certain measures such as reducing or suspending the working hours of its workers for a certain period of time to be able to face any contingency of an economic or productive nature.

Objective of the Technical Stop

The objective of applying this procedure is that the company can better face a negative contingency, achieve stability and avoid the dismissal of its workers.

Among the contingencies that could justify this practice are: economic crisis that has led to a significant drop in demand (but which is expected to be temporary), shortages of raw material for a cause that is not the responsibility of the company, excess production , lack of funds, among other examples.

Characteristics of the technical stoppage

Although its main characteristic is its temporary nature, there are other characteristics such as:

  • It is usually advised and negotiated with the workers
  • It must be fully justified
  • The measures are related to reducing the number of working hours through: reduction of the working day, early vacations of workers, suspension of activities of some workers, etc.

How to carry out a technical shutdown

To carry out this procedure you must:

  • Make a diagnosis of the current situation
  • Determine your need and why this would be the best alternative
  • Notify workers
  • Agree with the workers the terms and conditions
  • Define times, benefits and sacrifices of the parties (company-workers)
  • Establish the mechanism of instrumentalization of unemployment

Technical strike in Spain

In the case of Spanish labor regulation, the procedure must be carried out through an employment regulation file (ERE) that would lead to the temporary suspension of the employment relationship for economic, technical, organizational or related reasons. production.

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