Internships are professional practices developed by people who are finishing their studies or who have just graduated from the career. In this way, they seek to gain work experience.

The objective of the internship is for the individual to put into practice the knowledge acquired during their years of study. The person who performs the professional internship is called an intern.

The idea is that the intern becomes an apprentice who acquires the training to perform in a certain job. You will receive this preparation from your mentor or the people who will be in charge of you.

It should be noted that, with learning being the main objective of the internship, little or no remuneration is usually paid.

Internships are very important because not everything is learned in the classroom. For this reason, it is essential that all professionals receive training in person in the world of work.

Advantages and disadvantages of the internship

Among the advantages of the internship we can highlight:

  • It allows the intern to know the field in which they will carry out their profession.
  • The practitioner will be able to make his first professional contacts. In other words, it is an opportunity to network.
  • Not only does it provide academic knowledge, but the person will better understand how they will have to relate and function with their co-workers.

However, there are also some downsides to internships:

  • Companies could hire interns, but without caring enough about their training. So the intern would not get the desired work experience.
  • Some companies could use this type of hiring to replace jobs, which would receive a higher remuneration. This could be considered labor exploitation.
  • As we already mentioned, the pay is scarce or simply does not exist.

Difference between intern and intern

The difference between an intern and a fellow is that the former may or may not be paid. On the other hand, the second obtains a payment that must be destined to pay for their studies.

In other words, the fellow, unlike the intern, always receives a consideration for his services, but this must serve a specific purpose: payments to the university or study center.

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