The workforce is the number of people who occupy a position in a given company. That is, the orderly relationship of the company's employees, and the positions they occupy.

The workforce, it should be noted, must always be aligned with the company's objectives. That is to say, the list of people who occupy each position must have the specific and general criteria for, developing their activity, to achieve the objectives set by the company, as well as the established goals.

The workforce is one of the fundamental elements within a company or organization.

This, in turn, represents the personnel budget. Since it is the calculation of the salaries established for the workforce.

Objective of the workforce

The main objective of any workforce is to have the necessary personnel in said workforce, to carry out the positions established in it.

The fact that this objective is raised is based on the achievement of the objectives and goals. Since, in addition to the above, all workforce assumes the responsibility of complying with the objectives and goals that have been set in the company. For this, the assigned positions must fulfill their specific functions, so the right person is required to fill said position.

In addition to this, some of the complementary objectives of the workforce are to increase the productivity of the company, increase competitiveness, reduce costs, provide sustainability to the company, achieve the goals and objectives imposed ...

How to do a workforce planning?

The planning of the workforce corresponds, within a company, to the human resources department.

This, aligned with the management of the company, is responsible for carrying out the planning of the workforce.

To carry out a correct planning, it is necessary to fulfill a series of criteria that are shown below:

  • Make an inventory with the skills required for each position.
  • Determine the possible impact of the strategic plan on the different organizational units.
  • Define the impact within each of the organizational units.
  • Development of the different options for action, as well as the assessment of the repercussions.
  • Negotiation with the people involved.
  • Choice of the chosen action programs.

Example of a workforce

To get an idea of ​​what this concept refers to, below is an example of what a workforce would look like within a real company. This is how the template would look in a real example.

Grocery store staff template:

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