Recruitment process


The recruitment process is carried out when it is necessary to fill a job with a certain profile. In this case, a series of actions are carried out to find a group of candidates who fit that specific profile.

A recruitment process is carried out when there are needs to find personnel, not only present, but for the future. It is important to keep in mind that it is a process that is carried out on an ongoing basis and that it will help to find the perfect candidates to fill a job.

When publishing an offer, or job, it is important to be clear about what is needed, the characteristics, conditions and specifications that the person who occupies said job position must have and comply with.

Candidates to access this job can be found in the company itself, through internal promotions, or can be sought externally. There are various procedures for this.

Steps to carry out the recruitment process

These are the most prominent:

  • Personnel needs: The first thing that has to be done is to be clear about the job position, and the needs that the company requires. Salary, geographical area, and functions to develop are some of the important issues that must be clear before carrying out the recruitment process.
  • Internal recruitment: It can be carried out when it occurs within the company itself, when there is a group of candidates who adjust to the new job and can promote to meet that need that the company requires.
  • External recruitment: In this case, if optimal candidates for the position are not found within the company itself, the search for external candidates is used. Here you can choose different options: you search the databases of the company itself, thanks to the curricula that exist, you contact unions of workers related to those profiles, you take advantage of the internet and the different digital platforms to place advertisements about that job offer, you can also include this type of advertisements in the press, you use training centers and academies that are related to what the company is looking for, you can even choose to publish the offer on the company's own website.

In summary, the recruitment process aims to establish a series of actions to find the best group of existing candidates to be able to fill a job. Once this group is selected, taking into account the aforementioned process, the most suitable candidate will be chosen through interviews, questionnaires and another series of techniques to cover that job offer.

Companies invest time in this recruitment process since it is essential for them to find the best worker who can represent their interests and objectives.

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