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The work process can be defined as a set of relationships that are established between man, objects and means of work; with the purpose that the objects are transformed and that they become a final product.

Indeed, in this process the human being transforms the raw materials that come from nature and turns them into goods and services that will be used to cover some type of need.

Consequently, the work process includes a series of human activities that are organized in a certain way, to carry out the conversion of raw material into product. For that reason the work process is part of the production process, since it is a factor that is needed to carry out this process.

Elements of the work process

The main elements of the work process are:

1. The object of work

Naturally, the work object is any material that the human being uses and acts on it to finally turn it into a final product. These can be materials that can be extracted directly from nature and can be called raw matter. It would be for example the minerals that are extracted from the mines.

Man can also act on an object that is the result of another, or is a secondary object. It could be the case of iron that can be used in the construction of a house. This type of object is what is called raw material.

Even the object can be something immaterial, such as computer code or an idea to develop.

2. Means of work

Of course, the means of work are all the tools that man uses to transform the object of production. The tools can be very simple items like a screwdriver. But they could also be more complicated tools such as machines, equipment and the technology required to carry out the transformation process.

Since these means are used by man to act on the object of work, they are of great importance for the achievement of the final result. That is why the mechanical and physical properties must be sought to be the most suitable to achieve the best final result.

3. Means of production

Instead, the means of production are all the objects and means of work that are required to carry out the production process. Understanding that the object of work is what human work is applied to so that it becomes a final product. This final product is intended for both personal and productive use or consumption.

Whereas, the means of work are all the materials that man uses to work the objects of work, with the purpose of producing the final products. Therefore, as a whole, the object and the means of work constitute the means of production.

4. Work

On the other hand, work is the physical or mental effort that is applied to the production process. Without work, goods and services cannot be produced and therefore work as a factor of production must receive remuneration. The remuneration of the work is called salary or salary.

In addition, work within the production process represents an expense, since without the participation of the workers, the process of transforming the work object into a final good could not take place. Work involves using the physical and mental energy of man in the production process. Work is an activity that man performs consciously and is always aimed at achieving a specific goal.

work process

Positive and negative aspects of the work process

The work process achieves the following benefits:

  • It allows the transformation of work objects into final products.
  • The human being achieves his self-realization and the development of his capacities.
  • It produces an economic remuneration for the human being.
work process
Positive aspects

The negative aspects that the work process can generate are:

  • The worker is exposed to risks that can affect his health.
  • The work process can disrupt the development of people's intellectual and physical abilities.

Finally, we can say that the work process needs a work object, means of work, means of production and work in order to develop. Of these elements, work activity is the main element of the process, since without the physical or mental activity of man, the transformation of work objects into goods and services could not be generated.

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