Green color psychology


The psychology of the color green is one that is related to the effects that this color produces in people. Green is a color that conveys serenity, calm and peace. In addition, in areas such as health or the environment it is widely used. These sensations that occur in people when viewing this color are taken into account when using it in advertising or other professional fields.

There are different types of psychology, including the psychology of color. This is responsible for studying and investigating how colors affect human behavior and the feelings that an individual has about them.

Green is a color that conveys peace, serenity and tranquility. Despite not being a primary color because it is the result of the mixture between green and yellow, in the psychological field it is considered as the main color.

Advertising aims to publicize products or services, and also to emotionally impact the audience. To do this, select certain colors depending on what you want to convey.

In addition to being a representative color of the environment and nature, green is a color that is also used in functional aspects of everyday life. An example of this are traffic lights.

What does the color green represent?

This is what this color mainly represents:

  • Harmony: Balance and tranquility. When this color is used, it is intended to convey this type of sensation.
  • Cleaning: Disinfection is very important and many cleaning supplies use the color green. In the packaging or in the advertisements intended for its promotion. This is because this color emits a feeling of hygiene and cleanliness. Some of these products even include the word green as part of their trade name.
  • Calm: Calm and tranquility are aspects closely related to psychology, among other similar areas. For example, this color is used in places such as spas, beauty centers or massages. Many of these places are decorated with this tone because it prints peace of mind and relaxation.
  • Esperanza: Green is related to this emotion. When you think about or relate to this color, feelings of hope or renewal come to the fore.
  • Health: When talking about health and trying to assign a color to this word, green appears. It is synonymous with good health and hope, as we have discussed previously.
  • Nature: Green is the color that represents spring. The intoxicating wildest nature, its landscapes and its emotions are perfectly represented under this tone.

This color also contains many curiosities. For example, it was the favorite color of the Prophet Muhammad and Napoleon.

Psychology example of the color green

A characteristic example of this color would be its use in a meditation center. Decorating it with green tones will help to relax the mind and feel the feeling of calm with more emphasis. It is a color that brings out this emotion and is widely used for this type of business.

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