Registry advertising


Registry advertising is a form of communication typical of the legal and economic field, very common in real estate documents. It serves mainly to guarantee the knowledge and validity of certain related legal facts.

Through registration advertising it is possible to establish a series of requirements or conditions of operations on real estate. In this way, and thanks to the existence of a public registry, truthfulness, legality and publicity are given to purchases, sales or changes in the characteristics of a home, for example.

The main purpose of this type of advertising is, ultimately, to give legal certainty to individuals or companies that own real estate assets. This must be done in an organized and continuous manner; that is to say, each relevant and updated fact derived from each particular case being registered.

Obviously, it is the field of commercial law that is most closely related to this concept and, by extension, the field of private property from the real estate point of view.

Types of registration advertising

Registration advertising can be classified into:

  • Material. In this class, the existence of certain rights for the individual who performs the registration is understood.
  • Formal. Well, advertising fulfills its function of registering and making known certain data of public interest.

Main information provided in registration advertising

Registration advertising reflects and gives the possibility of consulting important data such as the identity of a property owner, its cadastral characteristics, its age, etc.

In the same way, it is possible to know exactly who the powers depend on to control or manage said property, as well as to whom to direct the possible obligations or debts contracted (very common in terms of mortgage debts).

Registration advertising in other fields

Although, as has been indicated, the real estate sector is the main protagonist when defining this concept, registration advertising is also applied to other areas such as intellectual property or the stock market through multiple public registries referring to these.

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