A rebellion is an act of resistance and disobedience to an authority in order to overthrow and change it. It is usually applied to the governmental sphere, that is, to the overthrow of the current government of a given State.

Through rebellion, they seek to unseat an authority figure. That is, the rebellion is carried out against something. It is a habitually violent act, carried out by a group of people who seek to improve (from their point of view) the opposition they occupy in the area where it takes place. And this, because they understand that this position, or the conditions in which they find themselves, is neither fair nor legitimate, although it may be legal.

Rebellion applies to the political sphere but, if rebellion is the act of rebelling, it can be extrapolated to different ones. In this sense, others such as the work and family environment.

Characteristics of a rebellion

The rebellions have certain common characteristics:

  • It is done against an authority.
  • It is carried out in a hierarchical context. And it is that this act does not exist between egalitarian relationships. The rebellions are against something or someone that we understand is above who carries it out.
  • It can be peaceful or violent. The first type occurs if no type of armed violence is used. In the second, the most common, it requires the use of force through the use of weapons.
  • Common goal. The people who carry it out share a series of characteristics, they can be few or many. For example sex, social class, profession, ethnicity, etc.

Differences between rebellion and revolution

Apparently they may seem synonymous, since their distinction is somewhat confusing. However, they do differ from each other.

On the one hand, a rebellion is an act that encompasses numerous forms of overthrowing the established regime. On the other hand, a revolution is somewhat more complex, since it involves the entirety of a process. For this reason, it can be said that the rebellion is one of the components of the revolution.

The latter seeks, in addition, the implantation of a certain regime evoked through the masses, and a very deep break against the established order. Rebellion, being an act, is also a component of coups, and is not exclusive to revolutions.

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