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A historical region is that region that is associated, by tradition, with a people or nation. This shows a series of specific features, which are visible in cultural elements with which its inhabitants identify during a specific period of time.

A historical region, in other words, is that region in which a series of events occurred that, in a certain way, have marked the course of history.

These regions are not delimited by politics, but by history. However, in certain situations, this delimitation coincides.

The usual thing is that the concept refers to ancient peoples that markedly marked history.

The concept can be applicable to certain regions of the same country, within a country; while, internationally, it might not have such recognition.

Characteristics of a historical region

In order to consider a region as a historical region, there are a number of factors that we must take into account:

Among these, the following should be highlighted:

  • Architecture: The region must have its own architecture, as well as a similar socio-cultural development. Thus allowing the study of the past.
  • Economy: The economic system is used to delimit the regions; depending mainly on the way of organizing.
  • Geography: The historical regions usually show a geography that presents similar features throughout the territory.
  • Socio-cultural development: The historical region, too, has a series of interrelationships between citizens, which are completely different from other series of societies.

As we said, we must bear in mind that a historical region can be considered as a historical region, without the need for it to be recognized by other territories. That is, for Spain, for example, Toledo is a historical region, since it has been the capital of the country at a marked moment in history. However, for California, as well as its citizenship, Toledo would not be classified as a historic region.

Historic region examples

Among the best examples of historical regions it is worth highlighting the first hydraulic civilizations. That is, regions that, like Egypt or Mesopotamia, marked the history of the planet.

On the other hand, another historical region could be Italy. Well, in Italy, there was the expansion of the Roman Empire; one of the most marked empires in history.

Economy of the Roman Empire

Also, among other examples, we could consider a historical region the Russian region. Given the events that occurred during the USSR and other marked moments in history.

Historic regions and economic history

Just as Egypt is for the history of civilizations, the economy also presents, throughout its history, a series of regions that, for economists, are considered epicenters of great changes that have led us to completely modify our economy .

In this sense, among the most remarkable historical regions in economic history we could mention Great Britain. The momentum of Great Britain, which led to the Industrial Revolution, makes this land a land of outstanding importance for the study of economists.

Thus, as with Great Britain, there are a number of other regions that, in the same way, are of great importance. In this sense, regions such as New York, where the crash of 1929 was experienced, as well as the subsequent Great Depression.

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