Political region


A political region is a delimited extension of land that owes its division to political powers and forms of government.

The political region, therefore, is a delimited extension of land, and that has a common form of government. The political region, usually, are the administrative divisions into which a state is divided. It also refers to regions that, like Europe, are made up of sovereign territories, but that make up a unification and common forms of government.

These are a specific type of geographic region.

The nature of the division and the existence of the region is the political element.

Types of political regions

Although the usual thing about this type of region is the fact that its origin is the administrative division of the territories of a State, there may be other types of political regions that we must take into account.

In this sense, when we speak of a political region, we refer to the division of the territories that, in aggregate, make up a State.

However, the European Union, being a supranational organization, has similar forms of government that prevent the total sovereignty of the member states.

This type of political region, even though it is a union of countries, is also called as such. Well, as we said, they have a common political organization in some aspects. Usually made up of leaders from all member states.

Characteristics of the political region

The characteristics of a political region are the following:

  • They are administrative divisions into which a State is divided.
  • Usually, they make up, in their computation, the State.
  • The criterion by which they are established is the political element.
  • They present similarities, so they establish the same form of Government.
  • Not all political regions should be made up of divisions of the state.
  • Some of them, like Europe, are an aggregate of states that adopt a common policy.

Examples of political region

A good example of a political region is the Community of Madrid, in Spain. This has its administration, but is subject to the central government. Like the rest of the regions that make up the Spanish State.

Another example of a political region is the European Union. This, as we said, is made up of sovereign states. However, in many respects they have unified their policy, even losing sovereignty.

The Mexican federal state is also a clear example of a political region. The 32 states that make it up are examples of a political region. The same thing happens with each of the states that make up the United States.

Division of powers

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