International relations


International relations are a field of study of a social, economic, legal and political nature based on the knowledge and analysis of the coexistence between different countries and their actions in a global framework.

The way in which the different international players coexist and carry out their activities worldwide, and increasingly in a more globalized environment, is the object of study of international relations.

This form of social science or academic discipline is formed as a tool for sociological, cultural, economic and political study on the global map and the interactions of its elements. This is how the relationships between countries are studied and interpreted in multiple aspects.

Field of study

In this sense, areas such as law, international economics and the study of trade between territories are intertwined together with new issues of interest such as sustainable development, care for the environment, solidarity and aid to the third world or the fight for rights humans.

As an evolution of the classical and traditional concept of diplomacy, this field of study has acquired special importance in recent decades. To a large extent as a response to the new needs posed after the end of the Cold War and the proliferating openness by international actors at the hands of the phenomenon of globalization.

In this way, the field of study of international relations has progressively expanded since the markedly political, warlike and trade agreement beginnings that gave rise to it.

Participating actors in the framework of international relations

Although it is true that a priori the different countries of the world are the protagonists of the study of this scientific branch of study, the current global environment assumes that there are other factors to take into account to understand the international socio-political and economic framework.

Among these factors are supranational organizations, economic and political unions, the influence of multinational companies or actions undertaken by civil society or NGOs.

Finally, it should be noted that for those students of labor relations the job opportunities to which they can choose are numerous:

  • Foreign policy consultants in public or private organizations.
  • Analysts in international companies.
  • Experts in international law.
  • Coordinators of expansion plans in other countries.
  • Administrators or project managers in NGOs.

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