Feedback includes a series of interrelated elements, and is designated to mention the return of a part of the output to the input itself, it is a concept widely used in the field of communication.

Feedback is a term widely used when talking about communication since if it has been carried out effectively between sender and receiver, there is a response from the latter after the message issued by the first.

However, not only in this field is the concept of feedback used, but this term is also used in other types of areas such as behavior, the business area, among others.

Feedback, a term that is equivalent to feedback, also has different types in terms of its execution.

Types of feedback

There are two types:

  • Positive feedback. In this case, the response of the initial stimulus that has been revealed in the first instance is enhanced.
  • Negative feedback. It assumes the opposite of the previous one, the issuer is informed so that the initial information is corrected.

Featured Feedback Examples

Here are some examples depending on the context and the scope in which this term is used:

  • Communication. In this case, the term feedback is often used a lot, since the important thing in this context is to know what the receiver of the message that the sender has sent you thinks. It is very useful to know these types of opinions to make modifications in products or services, production processes, implement changes, corrections, and other types of questions related to the idea of ​​always improving the message and what is associated with it.
  • Education. Another way of knowing whether or not an explanation is understood in the educational field is to assess the signals and perceptions that students are having. If the feedback is negative, it will be interesting to assess it to modify concepts and teaching processes with the aim that the students who make up the class understand what is being revealed.
  • Body. Some manifestations about health, and symptoms can be included within the so-called feedback since it shows the signs, or clues of whether something is working correctly or not. They are notices of what may be happening in the health aspect. For example, having a fever can be a negative indicator, but at the same time useful because it becomes a defense against a virus.
  • Social networks. One of the most sought after objectives in social networks is feedback. A company that has a presence on Facebook, for example, seeks to improve its brand image, enhance its company, improve its sales, and for this the opinions and comments of users will be of vital importance so that it can improve or modify aspects of its management , services or products.
  • Customers. When creating a customer loyalty program, for example, it is important to know what they think of the brand after they have purchased their products or services. Developing a questionnaire, interview, or call for the client to comment on their perception is a very useful example of feedback for companies.

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