Reuters agency is a business conglomerate dedicated to the distribution of multimedia content. It stands out globally for the dissemination of financial information.

Based in London, the Reuters communication agency is one of the world's leading communication companies.

Although it provides a large volume of informative and multimedia resources on topics such as sports, culture or socio-politics, it is in the financial and economic sphere where its main market power resides.

The main economic activity of the group is based on the disclosure of economic and financial data, as well as business. Being able to highlight among them the values ​​of financial assets or currencies, inflationary levels, prices of raw materials, etc.

History of the Reuters agency

This large business group was born in the mid-nineteenth century, by the hand of the British entrepreneur Paul Julius Reuter.

In its early years, it based its operation on sending information via telegraphic channels between different parts of the European geography.

For more than a century and a half, the group expanded in the form of a large news agency, both in writing and photography.

The arrival of new technological advances motivated its commitment to financial communication.

Reuters main features

This large company with a globalizing vocation has some characteristics that explain its dominant position in the communications market:

  • Language expansion: Presents content in more than two dozen languages ​​of the world.
  • Payment for consumption: The information provided by Reuters has a consideration, through subscription services.
  • Exclusivity: The agency has its own original content.
  • Immediacy: The agency provides its subscribers with economic data in real time, as well as the ability to monitor the different financial ratios.
  • Other economic areas: In recent years, Reuters has opted for the field of financial education and the editorial publication of training material and economic dissemination.

The evolution of Reuters

The growth of the telecommunications context has pushed Reuters to its current expansion position.

From specialized terminals for companies or financial professionals to supply content, progress has been made towards a new access model.

The multiplicity of network connections and mobile devices has led the company to adapt its information flow to various media.

In other words, its own use has reached a higher level of democratization, being accessible not only for companies, but also for families with an investment vocation.

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