Socialization is a certain process in which an individual, interacting with others, learns and develops a series of capacities to achieve successful participation in society.

The studies carried out by E. Durkheim were totally revealing, and this concept was also taken into account from then on. He stated in his research that socialization is a process external to the individual and that in a certain way all of this puts pressure on him.

Several stages must arise in which the individual ends up socializing, and is an active member within society.

Socialization is a life-long process, but it is most impactful during childhood and adolescence. Because during these times the cognitive, physical and psychological abilities that shape a person's personality are developing. In addition, all of this will influence the way you relate to the world.

How to socialize more effectively

These are some recommendations to achieve it:

  • Start gradually: If you want to start a conversation with someone you can do little by little, through small comments, find a suitable context for it, such as a cafeteria, sign up for leisure or recreational activities where you can be in contact with more people who share the same hobbies and interests. In this way, that first contact can flow that leads to progressive socialization.
  • Show the best version of yourself: Smiling, joking, and commenting on certain things in a close way can become good options to attract people, and that a confident and carefree atmosphere emerges.
  • Take care of your language: Verbal and non-verbal language can be very important when it comes to socializing. Maintaining an adequate visual language, encouraging active listening, observing and not judging, are guidelines that will help to create relationships, and socialize more effectively.

Phases of socialization

These are the phases:

  • Primary socialization: It is the one that is related to the family context of an individual. This phase is fundamental because it is influenced by the family, the school and also the media. Adolescence and childhood are two fundamental stages of change, and it is when socialization has the most influence. School is an excellent option to socialize and lay those first bases, in addition to the family itself. Due to the growing use of the media, new technologies and the internet, the great effect and influence they have on the public, and therefore on their socialization, is perceived.
  • Secondary socialization: In this phase the person already has access to the labor market, they also continue to interact in the university if they attend, in other types of institutions and sectors that will continue to offer them other socialization options.
  • Tertiary socialization: The last phase, but not strictly necessary, occurs in those with behaviors that go against the norms. It usually occurs in people who commit crimes and are punished for it. Tertiary socialization is, therefore, the part of the socialization process carried out by a person to reintegrate into society and adapt to the rules of coexistence.

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