Livestock society


A livestock society is the type of society in which a major part of its economy, as well as the employment of the majority of its population, is focused on livestock or ranching.

Therefore, a livestock society is a society that bases a bulk of its economy on agriculture, while this economic activity employs a majority of its population.

Like agricultural societies, it is the type of society in which the main source of wealth is livestock; usually alongside agriculture.Livestock societies, therefore, base their economy on the primary sector. For this reason, a society is defined as livestock when, analyzing its production, that is, its GDP, livestock occupies a prominent weight in its economy.

These societies were born after the appearance of agricultural societies, lasting to this day.

These types of societies, like agricultural societies, have been those that have predominated throughout the world throughout history. This, until the Industrial Revolution.

Characteristics of a livestock society

Among the main characteristics of this type of company, the following should be noted:

  • We are talking about societies based on the primary sector, and specifically on livestock.
  • They are highly dependent on livestock activity.
  • The main source of wealth, therefore, is livestock and livestock.
  • In this type of company, citizens are mainly employed in livestock activities.
  • Despite the professionalization and modernization that the livestock sector has experienced, these are companies that, over the years, have presented less development.
  • In general, we speak of developing or underdeveloped countries.

Example of a livestock society

Among the examples of what would be livestock societies, all the major emerging and developing economies on the planet stand out, as well as many other underdeveloped ones.

Many economies in Latin America, Asia or Africa can be considered livestock societies or agricultural societies, since the weight of agriculture and livestock in these territories is usually above many other sectors.

However, it should be noted that at present, safeguarding small locations, few economies have an economy based mainly on the livestock sector. The main economies in the world, at the very least, present an economy based on 2 or more sectors.

Therefore, we speak of more primitive societies. Societies in which livestock was, together with agriculture, the only alternative.

Livestock society as a company

The term livestock society, in the same way that it can refer to a society in which the economy is based on livestock, it can refer to a society, that is, a company that is operating in the livestock sector.

In other words, we are talking about a commercial company, that is, the legal personality that is created to start an economic activity for profit. In this line, a commercial company that bases its activity on livestock.

Thus, it is convenient to point out the difference, because while in the first case we were talking about a company, as a group of people in a territory, in the second we are talking about a commercial company, which focuses its activity on livestock.

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