Sociology of Education


The sociology of education is the science that studies the role that education plays in a socio-cultural dimension.

The objective of the sociology of education is to understand the contribution of school learning to the community and vice versa, with the purpose of improving human behavior.

The founder of this discipline is Emile Durkheim, who was a pioneer of the empirical form of sociology, who analyzed aspects of education.

Importance of the sociology of education

Individuals by nature live in society and customs play a fundamental role in each one's learning.It is the task of education to provide the necessary tools so that individuals can deepen their knowledge, but also coexistence following certain rules. That is why, in order to overcome gender discrimination, violence, addictions or problems related to immigration, the sociology of education is supported.

Due to the aforementioned, the need for teachers to be trained taking these issues into consideration is evident.

Given the importance of sociology in education, it is not strange to think that governments direct their attention to education as something mediatic; to qualify, correct or simply as an instrument to disseminate materials that thus suit a particular interest. That is why it is essential that you stay on neutral ground.

Interested in the sociology of education

It is of interest to teachers, students, families, organizations and society in general, because it shapes the type of functional individuals that is required.

It is for this reason that, in some countries, it has been given the task of generating educational content exclusively on this subject, at the undergraduate and / or graduate level. This in order that with this discipline the necessary knowledge is acquired so that it thus contributes to improving the insertion of individuals in society. That is, the education-work relationship.

And it is that a teacher who can reflect on his practice, will improve the quality of education and be a cell of social change.

Examples of social and educational problems

Some examples that are the object of analysis in the sociology of education are mentioned below.

  • The digital divide and the resistance that some teachers live with digital natives.
  • Changes in educational policies and content, and the effects on student behavior.
  • Seek to align educational content to what companies need as technical, scientific or technological knowledge.
  • The development of learning methods that awaken reflection by developing critical and analytical thinking to invite students to tolerance, non-violence, peace, preserve culture; they are also aspects of the sociology of education. And it is essential for the creation of standards of conduct and the creation of habits and values ​​for individuals.

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