Educational software


Educational software is a program or application that provides tools to teachers and / or students in order to facilitate learning.

In other words, educational software is a program whose objective is to complement the teaching during the student's education. In addition, it tries to facilitate its delivery by managing educational material, dates, academic notes and even at the communication level.

Educational software features

Depending on the use that is going to be given to the software, it can be said that it fulfills one function or another. The functions that stand out the most in this type of computer program are:

  • Delivery of online education.
  • Manage teaching material.
  • Remote student task management.

Although the functions are not mutually exclusive, the former is usually the exclusive use of distance education centers or in exceptional cases in which the education centers that offer face-to-face classes cannot carry them out as such. On the other hand, the second and third functions will depend on the teacher, since these functions can be carried out with physical material.

Types of educational software

In another order of factors, the types of educational applications can be broadly classified into the following software groups:

  • Practical nature: It consists of carrying out practical activities online, such as problems or assumptions to be solved.
  • Theoretical nature: In this case the activities are based on questions or theoretical knowledge activities.
  • Instructional type: This type of software will be responsible for supporting teaching with digital methods that complement the classes, such as videos or multimedia content that may be available to the student at any time.
  • Simulation: Within this class of computer programs you can find pure simulators that do not have the playful factor as their objective. On the other hand, when they do take this factor into account, it can be said that it is an educational game, which has the main advantage of motivating students.

As with the functions in the previous section, the types of software are compatible with each other. Being able to give, for example, a computer program that combines the practical and theoretical factor in its method of teaching support.

Examples of educational software

Some of the examples that we can find in this type of computer programs and applications are:

  • The platform moodle. In this case, the platform is an online program that works as a remote program that works as an administrator and manager of material and academic tasks. It can also be affirmed that this online program can have a practical, theoretical and instructional nature if the teacher so decides.
  • The app Kahoot. On the other hand, the application is only responsible for managing tasks remotely for the students. It also has a theoretical character in the tasks to be carried out in the absence of future updates that allow a greater range of options.

Other examples of educational software are demos or computer programs with educational license, such as those related to the simulation of fields of economics, engineering or of a scientific nature in general. Examples are Matlab, Eviews, or Mathematica.

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