Solidarity is a human value that consists in helping another person in a selfless way, that is, without expecting anything in return and without any interest involved.

A caring person is one who provides support to another only out of empathy, recognizing that the other has a need that in those moments they cannot cover.

Solidarity is given voluntarily, and the only benefit that the person who carries it out could achieve is personal satisfaction.

Likewise, it should be noted that although it is not mandatory to be supportive, there is sometimes social pressure to be so, particularly towards people who have greater purchasing power. That is why when, for example, a fundraiser is carried out, a special call is always made to the most relevant entrepreneurs and companies in the country.

Solidarity is required particularly in critical moments such as natural disasters or wars. However, there are everyday actions in which this value is applied, such as giving alms to a homeless person.

Being supportive implies feeling compassion for the other person, without distinguishing their different characteristics such as personality, sex, religion, race or other. It is simply about helping another by recognizing their human condition.

Examples of solidarity

There are some examples of solidarity such as the following:

  • Non-governmental organizations: A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a private organization that, based on its constitutive rules, although they have benefits, cannot distribute them to the people who control the organization, and therefore, they must be well allocated to the realization of their objectives, either to the help of people who have no control over the NGO.
  • Fundraising: When capital is raised for a specific cause, for example, for those affected by a natural disaster. This can take different forms, such as a television event such as the telethon, or virtual platforms can be used for this type of campaign.
  • Organ donation: People can decide to be organ donors. This can be specified on the identity document. In addition, it is always recommended to communicate this wish to close family members so that they respect this wish in the event of a fatality (in each country the legislation may vary regarding this issue).

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