The staff is a group of people who form a fully defined team in a company to carry out specific procedures such as advice, offer information, or focus on a specific study.

A staff can carry out multiple functions. Everything depends on the guidelines that have previously been ordered to be put into practice by the management, and the corresponding coordination of a staff. In addition, this work team can be generated in all kinds of situations: sports, events, courses, concerts, water parks, fashion sessions, among other activities.

Examples of staff

Staff in tourist centers are very common. In this example you will be able to see the actions and functions that this equipment has.

The people who confirm this union usually have multiple tasks, responsibilities, and are always coordinated by the specific person in charge, or director of the center.

For example, among its main tasks, the following should be highlighted:

  • Reception and welcome of the participants who are going to carry out the activities.
  • Location of those users within the enclosure.
  • Coordination of all development in the same center.
  • Carrying out workshops and scheduled visits for the attending public.
  • Guided tourist visits to the closest areas.
  • Opening of the bar, and assistance to users.
  • The planning and solution of any incident that occurs.

All these activities are carried out by the staff of the place. This is made up of workers who comply with their specialties so that a good operation is achieved during the stay of visitors, and users.

This would be an example of staff. There are also fashion staff in which, for example, the work team is made up of makeup artists, photographers, decorators, personal assistants ... A series of professionals who in a coordinated manner prepare everything necessary to meet the objectives in a fashion show.

At concerts you can also find a staff. They are people who are also distinguished by wearing clothing in which the word is included in their shirts to distinguish themselves from the rest, and they carry out work to prepare the structure, light tests on the stage, user management at the entrance and the exit where they check their identifications and tickets, and access places within the enclosure that are not public for the rest. This staff is punctual since at the end of the concert the work itself would have finished.

Another type of staff is the one that exists in amusement parks. There are a series of professionals who must carry out maintenance tasks, public reception, taking photographs of visitors, managing food places, coordinating the attractions themselves to give the pass to people waiting in line, information and attention to the public to be at your disposal, and solve all the doubts that arise, the management of the parking lot, and the attention in the merchandising stores. These are the majority of tasks that need to be carried out in a center of this size, and the team that makes up all of this is also defined as staff.

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