A subordinate is a professional dependent on other individuals or higher ranks in an organization. You must carry out your work attending to their management and direction.

In the structure of a company, institution or other types of organization, a subordinate individual is a person dependent on others in terms of professional hierarchy.

Taking into account the different organizational modalities and company structures, it is possible to verify the existence of very different types of dependency or subordination.

That is, a subordinate person can be both symbolically and formally. In other words, often the subordinate has this condition reflected by means of an employment contract.

Other times, this dependency is preceded by non-tacit factors such as experience and seniority in a company, professional training, etc.

The subordinate in the scope of the company

This figure is widespread in multiple areas of daily life, beyond the economy. This is observed in fields such as military life, public institutions of all kinds, political formations, among many others.

Specifically in the business world, the role of the subordinate professional constitutes the basic element in the formation of templates and organization charts.

In turn, the figure of the employee or subordinate worker depends directly on the concept of superior or boss. In this sense, a boss has among his functions that of managing and supervising the action of his corresponding subordinates.

Generally, the breach in a company of the subordination relationships has several consequences. They range from a simple fine or a conduct record to possible dismissal.

Other aspects of the subordinate

On the other hand, it is convenient to add that subordination in the business world is not only established with respect to people with higher rank or job position.

All contracting assumes at the same time a position of formal and normative subordination. That is, the subordinate is also subject to the legislation that governs his territory, as well as the labor agreement that affects him in his economic activity.

For example, an accountant of a company does not only limit himself to respecting and abiding by the rules of conduct and the clauses established in his contract.

This person must comply with the accounting regulations of his country and all related legislation and adjusted to his job position.

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