Teaser (intrigue campaign)


The intrigue campaign, also called a teaser, is an advertising campaign that anticipates the implementation of a main campaign. The goal of this is to generate curiosity and anticipation until the main ad campaign begins.

There are numerous techniques in the digital marketing industry to get the public's attention and make a brand or product succeed.

One of these techniques is the intrigue campaign. They are formats that serve as an advance to the main campaign when launching a brand, product or service.

The main purpose of this advertising format is to generate intrigue, expectation and offer information in the form of clues to hook the audience.

They are campaigns that leave nothing to chance, they are perfectly structured and planned. Although, in the online sector, you have to experiment to know what works and measure the results, there is extensive prior planning when implementing these formats.

What is a campaign of intrigue for?

Its main goal is to generate curiosity, expectation and to keep the public in suspense. Those responsible are clear that they will then implement the main advertising campaign, but while it is necessary to stimulate the public.

It is a technique that does not generate immediate sales, but allows you to pave the way to get potential customers once the main promotion is implemented.

Tips for implementing an intrigue campaign

Take note of these guidelines and put them into practice:

  • Novelty: You have to release some novel, shocking or curious piece of information to get the public's attention.
  • Fragment the message: The entire message should not be launched. The ideal is to do it dropwise and in a fragmented way. Do not tell everything, the important thing is to awaken curiosity in people.
  • Selecting the media: Determining the most prominent media or platforms on the Internet for this campaign will be of vital importance. Remember the importance of defining the tone of the teaser, the content and the strategy to follow.
  • Monitoring: Measure and be aware of the messages, it will be something you should do to assess whether the intrigue campaign is working and the response it is having among the audience.

Example of an intrigue campaign

An outstanding music festival is going to be held in Spain. Some announcements are launched with images of the place where it will take place, video excerpts corresponding to the previous year and a voice-over that recalls the next date of celebration.

In addition, in the advertising videos there are words such as coming soon, do not miss the festival or it is coming.

This would be an example of a teaser, since it anticipates some details and messages to attract the attention of the audience so that they are aware of this massive event.

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