Persuasion techniques


Persuasion techniques are a set of actions or procedures that are carried out in order to convince someone about something specific and, in addition, to behave accordingly.

There are different persuasion techniques with the aim of being able to convince and captivate someone on a certain topic. With the implementation of persuasion techniques it is intended to get an individual to carry out something that in principle they did not have in mind, or change their opinion on a certain issue.

Persuasion is a highly valued skill, since it serves to convince a person to change their vision, opinion or take some action on a specific topic.

For persuasion to be effective, it is best to put into practice techniques aimed at making this change happen.

There are various techniques related to different aspects that tend to be more prone to a high probability of persuasion. For example, sympathizing with the person, having the argument of an expert or the general approval of the social majority.

Persuasion techniques are widely used in marketing and sales.

What are the most prominent persuasion techniques?

These are the main ones:

Door technique

This technique is intended to make the future buyer believe that they have achieved something at an unbeatable price. The person who offers the article indicates a price that is quite expensive initially and that will end up rejecting the customer.

This falls within the plans of the seller, who will later offer a much more adjusted price. That would be the initial goal. The consumer will end up accepting the offer and believing that it is a bargain, when in reality everything was part of the initial sales plan.

Technique this is not all

Adding a gift or extra gift will be the basis of this option. On some items for sale, an additional item is included to get the buyer to accept the offer. For example, when you buy a computer and give away the wireless mouse or printer.

Fake technique

This technique is typical of insurance companies. Sellers often mention the benefits and virtues of insurance, often ignoring certain aspects that are not included. It will not be until after the contracts are signed when those responsible for the company expand the information and expose the more specific details.

Bait and switch technique

On this occasion, the buyer is interested in a certain offer, but being sold out, the seller takes advantage of the situation to offer similar options that arouse their interest.

Deadline technique

A technique widely used in ecommerce and in certain products. For example, the sale of courses through the internet. It is about persuading the user by indicating a deadline so that they can access the purchase of an item.

In addition, many visually indicate this option with a countdown marker, increasing buyer anxiety about the possibility of running out of stock.

Technique of do not stay out

An interesting way to persuade users is by indicating the number of people who use it.

For example, 9 out of 10 consumers trust our article. These types of expressions make people want to be part of the group and realize the notoriety of the product.

Authority-based technique

When it comes to selling products, a widely used option is this. Have the argument and opinion of an expert in the field. This will give the recipient more consideration and feel more value for the offer you are offering.

Sympathy-based techniques

It is usually common in physical companies and this option is also being perfected by telephone. When some users go to an office and the treatment they receive is cordial, the staff dress in certain ways according to the forms of their clients, they feel a sense of familiarity that drives them to buy.

What is intended is to convey confidence and closeness to make them feel at home and encourage sales. Physical attractiveness is also often used to persuade customers more, since the user is attracted and also in certain products they may think that if they use them they will end up having as good a bearing as the seller.

Example of persuasion technique

A company has launched an online digital marketing course with the aim of attracting users who want to train in this field.

They have developed a landing page to report all the details and aspects that the course includes. They have included among the sections a countdown that indicates that the offer will end shortly. Therefore, acquiring the course at an unbeatable price is a matter of hours.

They want to get users to make up their minds and purchase the course imminently. This would be a clear example of the implementation of the deadline persuasion technique.

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