Hard technology


Hard technology is one that consists of the production, development or manufacture of tangible products. That is, products that can be stored physically.

In other words, it is mostly machinery and final products that can be made possible from production or transformation, to being those final products produced or transformed.

Hard technologies serve, for the most part, to carry out an action or end goal.

We can mention examples of the use of this type of technology in the day to day that are not more than known, since who has not ever used a car, a PC or a smartphone?

On the other hand, although it is often said that hard technologies unconditionally need soft technologies, in the next section we will explain why it is not true, at least absolutely.

Hard Tech Types

If we were to distinguish within the hard technologies themselves, we could classify them into two groups:

  • Hard tech of origin. It is that machinery that is dedicated to the manufacture of automobiles or other assets.
  • Hard product technology. They are those products that are born from, in addition to human interaction, from the collaboration of the machinery itself, assembling or placing heavy pieces, for example.

We can therefore affirm that hard-sourced technology needs a process and software to function. However, in the case of hard product technologies this statement is not absolute, since the use of hard technologies in the past without a use of software was possible in railways, cars or ships.

Technology types

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