Soft technology


Soft technology consists of the set of methods and processes that make up a material or intangible asset.

In other words, they consist of knowledge or techniques that can add value depending on how they are used.

Soft technologies mostly serve to simplify processes or complement the so-called hard technologies.

Examples of the use of this type of technology on a day-to-day basis are organizational strategies or work methods. For example, they can be the so-called agile methodologies. On the other hand, it would also be composed of the whole software, since it complements a hard technology such as a computer or PC.

Types of soft technology

If we had to distinguish within the soft technologies themselves, we could classify them into three groups:

  • Soft interaction technology. Here we can mention, for example, any type of software that human action needs to be useful: Google, Facebook, Windows, etc.
  • Soft technology of management and administration models. As we have mentioned before, there are ways to carry out processes in a more efficient way, in which if the necessary patterns are met, it would be effective: agile methodologies, lean startup or design thinking are some examples.
  • Soft mixed application technology. They basically consist of tools that are designed based on software, but that help to organize and even enhance the way of carrying out actions. Trello or Microsoft Project are samples of hybrid options.

In short, we can affirm that although the examples presented are essentially soft technologies, differentiating between them in types is possible by analyzing the behavior it has towards the user and the interaction it needs to be able to function.

Technology types

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