Food Technology


Food technology is responsible for researching, developing and innovating in the field of food.

In other words, it studies the physical, chemical and biological characteristics to determine, for example, the quality of these. It can therefore be said that it is a scientific branch.

What is food technology for?

This type of technology serves a multitude of functions, from quality controls to biotechnology-related research.

This is the case of the European model, one of the most restrictive at the legislative and food control level. When we go to a supermarket, all the products they sell have previously had to undergo an exhaustive control, in order to put the product on sale to the public.

Other uses are the so-called transgenic products, which derive from genetic modification. Which consists of shaping the genetic chains and making them more resistant to cold or heat.

Food technology in depth

In the following pyramid we will see the main uses, the base of which is the most widely used, and the peak the least frequent:

As we can see, research functions are a minority, since they are usually one of the most expensive fields of study to develop. An example of this is biotechnology.

On the other hand, studies related to nutrition and dietetics have reached a peak whereby it is difficult to improve or complement the existing information we have on food.

Finally, the one that refers to quality and safety, as it is mandatory, it is not a sector that will relax or reduce its importance and activity.

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