Teleworking is a way of working in which it is not necessary to go to the central offices of the company. It can be developed from home, or other places, through new technologies.

Teleworking began to be put into practice in the decade of the 70s of the 20th century in the United States. Physicist Jack Niles was the one who began to think of a way in which workers could carry out their tasks without the need to attend company offices.

During that time, technological development was not very advanced, and it was something that could not be fully carried out until later decades.

The advancement of new technologies allowed many companies to realize that thanks to this they could save costs and optimize resources.

There are many advantages, and also some disadvantages that exist when carrying out this type of task.

Why start applying telecommuting in a company?

These are the most common reasons:

  • Companies have realized that working remotely allows them to save on costs, and also avoiding the displacement of workers contributes to an improvement in the environment by avoiding the cost of fuel that would imply that these trips were carried out every day to the office.
  • The first thing to carry out this practice is to assess the work that a person does. Its viable? Can it be done? How will the workers be supervised? What computer equipment or materials do they need? Will the staff be motivated and happy with this type of option?
  • The human resources team and the managers of an entity must assess this series of issues and the type of work that is carried out to know if the viability of it being developed in this way is plausible.
  • Once it is determined that this work can be carried out, it is necessary to answer all these questions, and prepare the worker for the implementation. There are tasks that can always be carried out from home, or in specific situations you can attend the office once a week, or a month if certain face-to-face meetings are required that cannot be carried out otherwise.
  • The following parameters must be taken into account to be able to develop a correct work within this option: the technology must be as required, connectivity is essential at the time of development since telework is mainly based on the use of new technologies. It will be positive to train workers in routines, guidelines and advice to carry out this way of working optimally, the company must give a series of guidelines to control the time of tasks, as well as the establishment of supervision requirements for make a correct follow-up of the whole process.
  • We must also cultivate the relationship with the worker in such a way that they do not feel isolated, enhance their ability to solve problems, improve their discipline and make them participate in the company even if they are not in the main office of the company.

Teleworking has become an option that should be taken into account for companies and workers who see an optimal way to carry out their work while also promoting work-life balance. For this reason, it is a way of working that is increasing in all types of countries whose jobs allow tasks to be carried out thanks to new technologies and the digital world.

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