The treasure is a set of money and / or objects that have a high value, and that are usually protected in a hiding place or private place.

In other words, a treasure is an asset of great value, made up of bills, coins and / or material goods such as jewelry. These are normally kept in a site that can only be accessed by its owner or persons authorized by him.

Treasures are often associated with stories of pirates searching for hidden treasures in order to increase their wealth and prestige.

However, treasures do not always have a high economic value. Sometimes these are goods with sentimental value such as a letter, a garment or a collector's item. It can even be something that brings knowledge, like a book.

Also, a person who is considered very valuable or who possesses unusual attributes that should be appreciated is often referred to as a treasure.

In addition, the cultural heritage of the country (of various types such as archaeological or artistic) can be considered as a treasure.

Public treasure

In the economic sphere, the public treasury (or department of the public treasury) is called the state body in charge of the administration of the treasury.

That is to say, this governmental instance controls the money and the goods (including financial values, credits and others) that the State owns. Likewise, it is in charge of preparing the public budget, defining how it will be distributed among different entities and projects, influencing the country's fiscal policy.

It should be noted that the term public treasure is also often used to refer to the same treasury.

hidden treasure

Another meaning of treasure, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), is the hidden set of coins or precious things, and of whose owner there is no memory.

This may be the case, for example, of a treasure found by divers under the Israeli sea in 2015. This consisted of two thousand thousand-year-old gold coins that were also in good condition.

It should be noted that valuable treasures are still being sought, for example, that of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha. This would have been hit by a storm in the summer of 1622 when it left Havana for Madrid, sinking into the sea. In 1985, diver Mel Fisher located some remains of this vessel off the coast of Florida.

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