Personality types


The personality of an individual determines the way to act in a specific situation. In addition to differentiating him from other people, due to a series of traits and characteristics that make up said personality. There are different types of personality with their own unique characteristics.

The personality determines the behavior of the human being under certain circumstances. It is characterized by establishing the mental order of a person and by differentiating him from the rest.

There are different types of personality and depending on the way in which an individual acts, they can be included in one type or another.

The Myers-Briggs Indicator is a personality test created by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. Both psychologists developed this test taking into account the theories that Carl Gustav Jung revealed in Psychological Types, a work published in 1921.

This test allows us to obtain 16 personality types and encompass the individual, taking into account their traits, in a specific type. It is a very elaborate and complex test that is used in pedagogy, personal development, psychology and coaching.

Companies, within their human resources area, also use it to know the personality of their employees when they are going to form work teams.

Personality types that exist

These are the most prominent:

  • Altruistic personality: It is a type of personality that those people who seek to do the good of others have, without expecting their own reward. They want to help others and are very empathetic to other people's problems. For example, volunteers in NGOs.
  • Counseling personality: This type of personality is found in those people who know how to listen to others, are empathetic, and care about the problems of others. But they don't neglect their life either. They are good counselors and provide guidelines for a more positive life overall.
  • Reflective personality: People with this personality type spend a lot of time reflecting on what is happening in their lives.They try to find the mistakes they have made and reflect on them to improve in the future. They are very thoughtful and perfectionists.
  • Thoughtful personality: All those who spend a great deal of time thinking about the most diverse problems and concepts. They are people who usually have a privileged mind and see the world from a very characteristic and personal point of view.
  • Sociable personality: People who enjoy being around others, relating to them and sharing their time with others. They are very outgoing and usually cheerful.
  • Charismatic personality: All those people who, when speaking, captivate the public, leave their mark and generate admiration. They influence others and know how to attract attention through their interventions.
  • Personality of the innovator: This type of personality is typical of those individuals who are highly creative, anticipate things and are capable of creating new things thanks to their own vision of the world. They have a great imaginative capacity.
  • Leadership personality: This type of personality is usually very taken into account in companies. They are people with a very strong mentality, they do not fall apart in the face of adversity and they bring out the best of themselves in the face of any problem. They are aware of their strengths and enhance them at all times.
  • Calm personality: It is the personality of all those people who live in their own world, without haste, in a relaxed way. They set their standards and live their lives regardless of whether another person shares their opinion or not.
  • Protective personality: These types of people tend to forget themselves and focus their vision on others. They enjoy protecting and helping others, but they forget to take care of themselves.
  • Reserved personality: They are individuals who tend to introspection. They analyze problems in detail and give solutions without taking emotional aspects into account. They are more rational in their thoughts, solutions, and behaviors.
  • Moral personality: People who act according to their ethics and morals have this type of personality. It is very important for her to take these types of values ‚Äč‚Äčinto account and act accordingly.
  • Animator personality: This type of personality is characteristic of those who are funny, smiling and who also make others smile. They are usually the life of the party at any event worth its salt.
  • Provider personality: These types of people usually make use of emotional intelligence, they are assertive people who help others, although also expressing what they think.
  • Entrepreneur personality: Those who see business opportunities in everything and confidently launch their own projects.
  • Executive personality: They are those people who need to be in control at all times and know what is going to happen. They lead teams and are very organized in all aspects of their life.

Examples of personality types

Here are some prominent examples:

The person who is funny, tells jokes, and elicits smiles would have an entertainer personality. You are the life of the party and everyone is eager to tell you anecdotes for fun.

The individual who is clear that he wants to reconcile his personal and work life, believes and trusts his project, has the personality of the entrepreneur. It is safely launched to undertake and put its knowledge into practice through its own methodology.

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