Types of coaching


There are different types of coaching depending on the objective, the methodology used or the area where it is put into practice. For example, personal, business or sports coaching.

Coaching is a process in which an individual is accompanied to achieve their goals. It is not about giving answers to that person or expressing the suggestions that the coach has for them, but the purpose is to guide that person so that they discover for themselves the answers they need.

It is important to differentiate between coaching and mentoring, as they are different disciplines.

Coaching is focused on the future, on achieving specific goals. In addition, it can be put into practice for a short period of time and the cachee (client) will find the answers to what they are looking for without the coach telling them.

What are the most prominent types of coaching?

These are the main types of coaching:

  • Sports coaching: It is a coaching focused on the sports world. Motivation, leadership and development of the strengths of the athlete or the entire team are worked on.
  • Personal coaching: This option is very focused on seeking the personal well-being of the person. Self-esteem, motivation, self-concept and the objectives that the individual has to effectively achieve their purposes are worked on.
  • Educational coaching: It is aimed at promoting and enhancing the educational skills of all those involved in the process. For example, students and teachers. Its aim is to develop the emotional intelligence of all participants, educational well-being and motivation.
  • Business coaching: It is the type of coaching that takes place within a company. It is especially suitable for motivating workers, making them feel like they are part of the company and enhancing their skills. With the coaching of organizations, dynamics and team activities are put into practice to ensure that workers feel integrated and satisfied at the work level. Companies often carry out these practices to promote relationships with their employees and obtain greater productivity from them.

Examples of types of coaching

The workers of a company do not perform their work efficiently and the productivity of the team is below expectations. The business manager intends to increase productivity, improve communication and implement new strategies.

In this case, the implementation of business coaching will be the best way to achieve the proposed goals.

A person is blocked and cannot get in shape, lose weight, and feel better about himself. The coach specialized in personal development will be in charge of accompanying you to achieve the goals that you have initially set.

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