Intelligence types


There are different types of intelligence to delve more into this concept, which is not unitary in nature, but some of these intelligences are very recognized and prominent.

Intelligence is the ability to learn concepts, reason about different issues, carry out decision-making, among other issues. But, in addition to knowing intelligence as such, there are different types of intelligence that serve to explain certain specific aspects.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of intelligence that exist, and their main characteristics.

Intelligence types

The most recognized types of intelligence are:

  • Naturalistic intelligence: This type of intelligence is used when conducting studies and research within the natural environment. It is typical of professionals who are in constant relationship with nature, such as biologists who develop it much more than other types of individuals.
  • Emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is that which refers to the aptitudes and abilities that a person shows when regulating their feelings as well as those of the public to whom they are directed. It is the way we have to handle emotions, our subjectivity. The best thing is that it can be worked on and strengthened throughout life. Within this there are two types.
    • Interpersonal intelligence: This intelligence is typical of those individuals who have the ability to get along and interact with other people appropriately. They stand out for this, they empathize with other people, and they feel very comfortable in society.
    • Intrapersonal intelligence: Contrary to the previous one, intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to get along with yourself, analyze and understand yourself. It allows us to know ourselves better.
  • Creative or kinesthetic body intelligence: This type of intelligence is the most used by all those who constantly work on creativity. They are individuals who have innovative ideas, their minds are constantly working, they are always ahead of the rest and offer creative and original solutions. Actors, writers, filmmakers, painters, are some of the professionals who make the most use of creative intelligence.
  • Musical intelligence: There are people who have a gift for music, to make scores, to play instruments, but more than a gift, it is a capacity that stands out above others to have this type of skills in the musical field.
  • Linguistic intelligence: Some individuals are marvels in this matter. They dominate language, writing, verbal and non-verbal communication, all of which give them the ability to be advantageous in terms of communication. Writers, for example, have high linguistic intelligence.
  • Mathematical intelligence: Some people stand out because they have a great facility to solve mathematical problems, logic activities, and they do it in record time. This determines the mathematical intelligence they possess. Scientists are a clear example of this.
  • Spatial intelligence: In this type of intelligence, several factors must be highlighted, since certain skills such as dynamic imagination, spatial reasoning, stand out in graphic aspects, among others, are included. Here you can include all those individuals who stand out in the field of painting, or architecture, for example.

These are the most prominent types of intelligence that exist to understand the skills that are integrated into them, and the more specific fields in which they can be applied.

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