Types of non-renewable energies


The types of non-renewable energies are the different raw materials to transform something through the use of resources that are not regenerated, that is to say that at some point in time they will be exhausted.

Millions of years are required for the formation of non-renewable energies and very little time is used to exploit them, hence they will disappear and therefore their consumption is unsustainable.

Types of non-renewable energies

They are classified according to the resource used for their generation, these are:

  • Fossil fuels:
    • Petroleum
    • Natural gas
    • Coal
  • Nuclear energy:
    • Uranium
    • Plutonium

The vast majority of energy for transport services, domestic use and industry is non-renewable. It is obtained from transforming fossil fuels, which are organic remains, which have been fossilized for years. Within this group is oil, coal and gas.

Non-renewable resources can be used as raw materials for industrial processes, however those that generate energy have intrinsic strategic value because they satisfy basic needs for people, hence their value in the market.

Use of non-renewable energy

Oil is used to produce gasoline (to be used as fuel for transportation), plastics, gas (for domestic uses), medicines, synthetic fibers, explosives, dyes, etc.

Coal is used as a fuel in industry, as well as in thermal power plants and in some cases in domestic heating.

Nuclear energy boils water inside nuclear reactors and this causes it to be transformed into electrical energy by turbines.

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