Types of accounting policy


The types of accounting policy are the types in which said policy can be presented in the accounting management of a company. Depending on the fact to which they allude, on the accounting movement that is recorded, said policy may be of one type or another.

In this sense, among the existing types of accounting policy, the three main types should be highlighted:

  • Income policy.
  • Expenses policy.
  • Diary policy.

These types, as we will see below, record those accounting movements that occur in the company.

Income and expenses

Types of accounting policy

As we said, the types of accounting policy, depending on the movement to which they refer, can be classified as follows:

Income policy

It is a type of accounting policy. This registers all the money inflows that enter the company. Regardless of whether the income is in cash, by transfer, or with a bank check or promissory note. In addition, from this income, an invoice must be issued.

Expenses policy

It is another type of accounting policy. It is responsible for recording any accounting operation in which there is an outflow of cash or expenditures. However, if such disbursement is made through a bank check, the accounting policy will be a check policy.

Diary policy

The journal policy is the third type of accounting policy. This reflects the operations that, affecting the company and its accounting, do not imply a cash outflow from the company. That is, they refer to operations in which no cash inflows or outflows are shown.

To carry out this policy, it must be justified with the movement to which it refers.

Check policy

Apart from the aforementioned, when an expense policy, in the case of an outlay, is made through a check, it is called a check policy.

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