Tolerance is an attitude that respects all kinds of actions or ideas of third parties.

Obviously, when we talk about these actions, they also have to be respectful towards others.

It is also important to note that these ideas or actions do not have to be in tune with our own preferences. In fact, tolerance with like-minded people is easy, the complicated thing and what tolerance is based on is to tolerate those who think diametrically opposed to us.

The concept of "tolerance" extends and applies to all levels of life: religion, sexuality, politics and ideology, racial, customs, culture, etc. All these areas are susceptible to being tolerated by every human person, since it is the basis of respect and coexistence in society, and even more so in the globalized society in which we live.

The paradox of tolerance

Karl Popper, a renowned Austrian philosopher, developed the paradox of tolerance. It consists in not tolerating the intolerant, since the latter represented a real threat to democratic institutions.

This occurs because, according to the author, if a small group of intolerant is tolerated. They can be strong enough to impose themselves and establish the most absolute intolerance. That is why it is a paradox, because extreme tolerance can be its downfall.

Now, who says who is intolerant or not? According to Popper, the intolerant is one who intends to end, taking advantage of general tolerance, with rights and freedoms. Therefore, we can say that it is reduced to the scope of the acts. That is, someone may be intolerant of certain ideas or acts, but if he simply thinks about it, reducing it to the field of ideas he would not be intolerant. On the other hand, if through his acts or deeds he violates these rights and freedoms, if he would be classified as intolerant

On the other hand, the philosopher John Rawls, author of Theory of Justice, says that society must tolerate the intolerant, since not doing so automatically makes society intolerant.

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